Vultr vs. UpCloud

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#1 Much, much higher performance

Vultr claims to be 4x faster than their competition, so we took it to the next level with our in-house developed storage technology MaxIOPS. With MaxIOPS, you'll get as much as 2x faster I/O performance compared to Vultr and by that logic; 6x faster than their competition!

MaxIOPS is specifically built to give you the best I/O performance for todays demanding web applications and services. It often gives you up to 2x the performance of enterprise-grade SSD and is highly available thanks to our N+1 redundant infrastructure.

And all this for just only $5/mo. Signup for a free trial or read more about it.

#2 Freely scalable resource limits

With Vultr's plans, you're locked in to the resource limits that's provided by the plans they have chosen for you. So what if you need to add additional CPU cores, but are happy with the amount of memory and storage? Too bad! You'll have to upgrade to the next available plan, significantly adding to your costs as you are paying for resources you don't actually require. Without the possibility of setting each resources independently, you will never be in complete control.

With UpCloud, you get the best of both worlds. Each cloud server can be deployed using a preconfigured (discounted) plan or with fully customized resource limits, completely according to your budget and needs. You can even switch between plans and custom configuration whenever you want!

Trusted by the best in the business

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#3 UpCloud beats the competition

In a large, 50+ page study by Cloud-Spectator, UpCloud was the clear performance and reliability winner among industry leaders such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. With higher performance and minimal variability (~4%)during the entire study, UpCloud gave the most reliable bang for the buck.

Join the winning team and experience what high performance really means.

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