DigitalOcean vs. UpCloud

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Let us give you three reasons why you should choose us.

#1 UpCloud is faster. Much, much faster.

SSDs are fast, like really fast! But they weren't fast enough for us! So we built a completely new type of storage backend, aptly named MaxIOPS. It's specifically built to give you the best I/O performance for todays demanding web applications and services. It often gives you up to 2x the performance of enterprise-grade SSD. We have actually limited the performance at 100,000 IOPS per virtual disk to give you high performance at all times.

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#2 Global private networking (that's not shared)

Private networking and Floating IPs are essentials in building modern and scalable web applications. A private network lets your cloud servers communicate through a private network that is not exposed to the public network (i.e. the Internet) and doesn't count towards your bandwidth costs. Both UpCloud and DigitalOcean provide you with the tools to create complex infrastructure with ease, using simple but powerful APIs and control panels.

The main difference between UpCloud and DigitalOcean, is that DigitalOceans private network is essentially shared between all their customers inside the same datacenter. With UpCloud, you get a 100% private network, that spans all our datacenters!

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#3 Flexibility and scaling

With DigitalOcean's plans, you're locked in to the resource limits that's provided by the plans they have chosen for you. So what if you need to add additional CPU cores, but are happy with the amount of memory and storage? Too bad! You'll have to upgrade to the next available plan, significantly adding to your costs as you are paying for resources you don't actually require. Without the possibility of setting each resources independently, you will never be in complete control.

With UpCloud, you get the best of both worlds. Each cloud server can be deployed using a preconfigured (discounted) plan or with fully customized resource limits, completely according to your budget and needs. You can even switch between plans and custom configuration whenever you want!

UpCloud DigitalOcean Difference
Instance 1 CPU, 1GB Memory, 25GB MaxIOPS 1 CPU, 1GB Memory, 25GB SSD -
Location London London -
Price (USD) $5/mo $5/mo -
Disk I/O
(sysbench, 4 KB random read)
118142 IOPS 60357 IOPS +2.0x
Disk I/O
(sysbench, 4 KB random write)
31723 IOPS 8645 IOPS +3.7x
(sysbench, CPU)
5760 4294 +1.3x
(sysbench, Memory)
1579624 ops/s 941019 ops/s +1.7x
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