Dedicated server vs. UpCloud

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Let us give you three reasons why you should choose us.

#1 Bare metal performance with instant scalability

Dedicated servers have traditionally been the go-to-solution for high performance demanding tasks, thanks to little to no overhead. But they also require a significant initial investment, since you can't upgrade or modify a dedicated server without bringing it offline.

Today, thanks to huge leaps in virtualization together with our proprietary storage technology MaxIOPS, UpCloud can offer the same high performance as a dedicated server but with instant scalability at much more affordable prices. Adding or removing resources takes just a couple of clicks!

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#2 Improved redundancy and stability

With dedicated servers, you often have to plan and implement safe-guards and redundancy on your own. This usually requires a huge investment in both time, often spanning weeks or even months of development and testing. Additionally, you will have to pay twice as much as you will need two of every component for true redundancy.

UpCloud's cloud servers on the other hand, enjoys all the benefits of a N+1 redundant infrastructure, without any additional costs! That's why we offer a 100% uptime SLA with 50x compensation for all disruptions longer than 5 minutes.

#3 Pay & grow as you go

Since dedicated servers don't enjoy the instant scalability that you get with a cloud server, you often have to buy much more powerful hardware than you initially need. So while you initially only need for example $20 dollars worth of resources each month, you invest up to ten times the amount of that to prevent downtime because of scalability.

With a dedicated server, something as simple as a memory upgrade requires that you have to foresight to schedule the upgrade with your provider before you actually need it, as they will have to take down the entire server and maybe even remove it from it's rack to be add extra memory.

All this can often take several hours or even a whole day, and usually involves some kind of "service fee".

With UpCloud's pay-as-you-go pricing, you can freely pick and switch between cost-efficient plans and freely configurable servers, where you can add and remove resources with just a couple of clicks!

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