The User accounts settings at your UpCloud Control Panel provide an advanced access control opportunity for Group Accounts. You as the account owner can create and manage additional subaccounts with their own access rights. The subaccounts get their own account names and passwords, with access to specific servers based on server and storage IDs, or server tags, that you can assign freely. New subaccounts can use an email address already attached to another UpCloud account. There are no limits on the number of subaccounts or on how many Group Accounts you can belong to.

Tag and group account features

The server tag system allows you to indicate with ease what your servers are configured for, and filter your Server listing according to these tags. Each server can have multiple tags, which are simple single word group names consisting of letters and numbers. You can, for example, tag your database servers with #mysql or development environments with #dev. It is all up to you to choose the tags which best describe your cloud servers.

The tags are not just for show either, you can use them together with your subaccount settings to specify who gets to access which server. Adding a tag to the subaccount access rights gives that user control over the servers indicated by the same tag. The tags together with the server and storage specific access rights form a versatile but easy to manage user access control for your Group Account.

Tagging servers

To get started with server tags, log in to your UpCloud Control Panel and open the settings page for the server you wish to tag. In the first tab called General Settings, you will find About the Server section in the middle of the page. The group tags your server is assigned to will appear at the top of that middle section, but for now, you will only see the Edit button, click it to open the tag editor.

In the tag editing window you will see a simple text box with a suggestion to add a tag, just type in the tag you would like to assign to that server and press enter to create the tag. The tag can be any single group of alphabets and numbers up to a maximum of 32 characters, so you can get creative with your tags. If you have already tagged another server before, starting to type pre-existing tag names will allow you to auto-complete to those tags to help keep tag names consistent throughout of your servers. Once you are done adding new tags to that server, click Accept to save the changes.

Adding tags

After adding new tags to your server, the tags will show up in the same middle section in About the Server. But this is just a small part of the usage of the tags.

Next go back to your Servers listing, the same tags you just added now appear both at the top of your servers list and under the Tags column on the servers you tagged.

Filtering by tag

The tags in the Servers list view allow you to filter the list to only show servers with specific tags assigned to them. Try clicking one of the tags at the top of the list to see how the filtering works. Notice that you can select multiple tags at the same time to further narrow down your list. Selecting a tag to filter by will highlight all the same tags on each of the servers that have it, this way you can easily perform bulk action commands to certain types of servers. Click the selected tags again to clear filtering and show all of your servers.

Subaccount management

Your main UpCloud account can have multiple additional subaccounts that log into the same UpCloud Control Panel with their own username and password. Group Accounts can be extremely useful for collaborative work, many kinds of group projects, or just temporarily giving someone access to your server management without divulging your login details.

To start with sharing your account, log into your UpCloud Control Panel and open User accounts tab under My Account. On the User accounts list, you will see your own account name marked as the Main Account, and buttons to edit your account details. To create a new subaccount, click the Add user button at the top right of the list, this will open a new user profile form.

Enter the following minimum information to create a new user:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Password
  • Default language
  • Time zone

After filling in the user details scroll down to the Access Permissions. Here you have three ways to give your new user access to those servers you wish.

Tag groups

Tags are the primary option to specify access control using the tags you have assigned to your servers. Type in the tag names the user should be allowed access to and press enter. Under the tags list, you will see a checkbox to confirm access also to the storage devices attached to the servers with those tags.

Allow access by tags


Access control allows you to optionally assign user rights to specific server IDs. Select the desired server on the left Available servers list and move it to the Allowed list by clicking the Add button. If the user should be able to take backups, attach and remove storage drives on the allowed servers, select the checkbox under the allowed servers list.

It is also possible to give the user access to all the servers on your Group Account by selecting the checkbox above the servers list.

Allow access by servers


Storage options are a supplementary way to give access only to specific storage devices. This works in conjunction with the other two access control options. You can restrict user access to only specific storage devices attached to those servers the subaccount otherwise has access to.

Like with the servers, you can give a blanket permission to all storage disks by selecting the checkbox above the storage list.

Allow access by storage

If you would wish to give the new user blanket access to all server and storage, select the All servers -checkbox in the server section and All storage -checkbox in the storage access.

Allow to all

Once you are done setting up the access rights, click the Save button at the bottom of the page to confirm creating a new user.

The new account will show up on the same User accounts list with buttons Change, which takes you back to the account details and permissions page, and Delete for removing accounts that are no longer needed.

User settings

When a new subaccount logs in for the first time, it is advised they change the password you assigned at the subaccount creation. Subusers can simply click on User account under My Account menu to access their account details. To edit your details on the Main Account, go to the User accounts tab under My Account and click the Change button on your username.

In the Account details page, you can update your contact information, change your password and select your language and time zone preferences.

Once done simply click the Save button at the bottom of the page to confirm the changes.

Your UpCloud user account also automatically supports Gravatar profile pictures when you enter an email address with Gravatar configured to your contact details. If you do not have a profile picture set up yet, it is a simple process of signing up with any existing WordPress account or creating a new one. Then follow instructions at Gravatar to set up a profile picture with any or all of your email addresses.