Currently network settings are all about managing the IP-addresses and reverse DNS names of your servers.

Private Network vs. Public Network

Each UpCloud account forms a private network where servers are connected via private IP-addresses. It is not possible to use private IP-addresses between different UpCloud accounts. Private IP-addresses are useful for load balancing and communicating between your servers.

Public network defines the public IP-addresses of your servers. A server can have 0-5 public IP addresses. Removing all public addresses will make a server accessible only in your private network.

Server / IP-addresses

At the server’s settings, you can change a server’s reverse DNS name and add/remove public IP addresses.

Control Panel’s Network View

At the Control Panel’s Network view, you can view your private and public IP-addresses and change the reverse DNS name of any server.

Reverse DNS Name

Reverse DNS is important in some applications such as email. UpCloud hosts the reverse DNS records according to what you have specified at the server’s reverse DNS field.