Our API Documentation is available in English in either PDF or HTML format.


UpCloud enables server resource management in several ways, for instance using our UpCloud Control Panel or a mobile phone app. These management methods are well suited to the most common purposes. However, if you want more sophisticated and automated resource management, traditional UIs are ill-suited. In this case, it is much easier to use our API.

Our API suits many uses, and even though our API documentation is comprehensive it can easily be used for scripts handling routine tasks, deploying servers, scaling, changing settings and supporting larger distributed control systems. And because we also use an API interface to support our own UpCloud Control Panel, the interface, by default, will also support all features of the UpCloud service now and in the future.

Adopting the API interface does not incur additional costs; however, for security reasons, using the interface requires a separate API username. You can create the username via the UpCloud Control Panel under My Account / Usernames. It is highly recommended to limit the access rights to this username strictly to a certain IP address range.