This document tries to go over and answer all the most common questions with regards to the different agreements and terms of use you agree to, as a customer of UpCloud.

In short, as a customer, you agree to the General Terms, Service Level Agreement, Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy. All these can be seen under our Terms of Use section. Next, we will highlight the most important items from each of the agreements in an easy to understand manner.

General Terms – The agreement is signed between you and UpCloud Ltd, registered in Finland. Your legal role will be defined by the information you enter into the contact details of your account, meaning if the contract is signed with you as an individual or a company entity. The main difference for European customers will be on how we treat value added tax (for individuals this is added to the total sum and corporations can avoid paying the VAT at the time of purchase, but need to file this later with their bookkeeping).

Regarding third party software, you are free to install what you wish, when you have the correct software license in question. With regards to Microsoft applications, there are some limitations as we are a Microsoft SPLA partner. For more information on this, please reach out to our customer support.

To pay for the service, you will need to deposit funds to your account. All service charges are deducted from this balance of funds, on your UpCloud account. As per agreement, we do not allow refunds, except for new customers on their first payment and first 30 days of use.

As we are a Finland registered company, your customer agreement level data and the agreement itself, will be legally enforced and governed according to the laws of Finland.

Service Level Agreement – or the SLA as it is more commonly called. This document outlines the service level we bind ourselves to. The most important part of this document is outlined right at the top:

UpCloud will guarantee 100% virtual server and network availability to the Customer. The network will be deemed available if UpCloud’s routers and switches are available and responding properly. For all unscheduled interruptions in the provision of the Services, which are due to hardware or telecommunications failures that last longer than 5 minutes, UpCloud shall offer compensation to the Customer.

The compensation for the undelivered availability is explained in the next parts:

The amount of compensation will be 50 times UpCloud’s charges for the Services allocated for the period of the interruption of the Services.

Therefore, if for the sake of the argument your server is down for one hour and the cost of the server for that hour was 0.50 euro – UpCloud would compensate your account with 25 euros worth of service credits (50 x 0.50 euro).

The statement also states that scheduled outages are not part of the agreement and thus are not compensated. We do our absolute best in keeping these to a minimum. We know how frustrating outages are, whether they are scheduled or not, so we pay extra close attention to all service maintenance breaks and how their effect on services can be minimised. Please take a look at our status page for our benchmark.

Acceptable Use Policy – while we try to keep our service as free from restrictions as possible, this document outlines the few exceptions on how our services can be used. If you have any doubts on how you can use UpCloud, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support as we are more than happy to go through each individual use case and therefore avoid any nasty surprises.

Privacy Policy – We take privacy very seriously. We use some third party tools on our public website, such as Google Analytics to help us improve the usability and design of the service. While we do collect some information of the site’s usage through these third party services, we do not in anyway combine these with recognisable customer information. All data is anonymised and thus only valuable for us in a large enough population of data. Again, if you have any questions regarding our stance on privacy – do not hesitate to contact us for more information.