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High performance cloud computing for the most business critical customers

Experience industry-leading performance and unparalleled reliability with MaxIOPS storage technology.

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All new customers starts out with a free trial, $250* in credits and are covered by our 30 days money back guarantee.

Why UpCloud? Let us give you 3 simple reasons.

1. UpCloud is faster. Much faster.

We built a completely new type of storage backend, which we aptly named MaxIOPS. It's built to give you the best I/O performance per dollar and gives you up to 2x performance compared to enterprise-grade SSD.

2. Incredible price/performance ratio

Being the defacto industry leader like AWS means that they don't need to compete on pricing, which in turn means that you as a customer is paying a premium for the same level of performance as with many other cloud providers. So while you can get the same performance with AWS EC2 as with UpCloud, you will often have to pay more than twice as much for it.

3. Unrivaled resource management

With AWS EC2's fixed instance types, you're locked to the resource limits that's provided by the specific instance type. Should you need to add additional CPU cores, but are happy with the amount of memory? Too bad!

You'll have to upgrade to the next available instance type, significantly adding to your costs as you are paying for resources you don't actually require. Without the possibility of configuring each resources independently, you will never be in complete control.

With UpCloud, you get the best of both worlds. Each cloud server can be deployed using a preconfigured (discounted) plan or with fully customized resources, according to your budget and requirements. You can even switch between plans and custom configurations whenever you want!

UpCloud AWS EC2 Difference
Instance 2 CPU, 4GB RAM,
Location Frankfurt Frankfurt -
Price (USD) $40/mo $240/mo -6.0x
CPU (cyclictest) 15.19 66.59 -4.4x
RAM (mbw) 8352.01 MB/s 7567.29 MB/s +1.1x
IOPS (read) 99854.57 59087.82 +1.7x
IOPS (write) 83990.50 17049.99 +4.9x
* EBS with provisioned IOPS and IOPS maxed

UpCloud in a nutshell

UpCloud Ltd is a European cloud hosting company offering the world’s fastest cloud servers on an hourly billed infrastructure-as-a-service for the most business critical customers, and used by organizations such as the Finnish Ministry of Justice and renowned growth companies such as Cabforce and LeadDesk.

Currently, UpCloud provides services from datacenters located in the UK, USA, Germany, Singapore and Finland with more locations being launched late 2016.

* Offer limited to new customers signing up before 2016-10-31. Credits will expire on 2016-12-31.