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Experience our next generation, faster-than-SSD cloud servers with a 100% uptime SLA.

Deploy in 45 seconds using the simple but powerful control panel, the Restful API or any software such as Ansible, Go or Python.

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High, consistent performance with MaxIOPS

All cloud servers are deployed on enterprise-grade hardware. Together with our in-house developed software and proprietary MaxIOPS storage technology, you will get industry-leading performance at all times.

Cloud servers are deployed in less than 45 seconds. With incredibly fast boot times, you will get up and running within minutes.

Check out how we compare against AWS EC2, DigitalOcean & Vultr.

UpCloud vs. DigitalOcean vs. AWS
Easy and flexible scaling

Easy and flexible scaling

Deploy using a preconfigured plan or configure each resource (CPU, RAM, Storage and IP-addresses) individually with our freely configurable cloud servers. You can always switch between preconfigured plans and freely configurable resource limits, whenever you desire.

See our Pricing page for details on packages and freely configurable servers.

Floating IPs and private networking (that's not shared)

Create your own 100% private network, which is interconnected between all our data centers. This allows you to send data between your cloud servers using a private connection and without incurring any costs.

With floating IPs, you get a static IP-address that you can attach to any one of our cloud servers. It can then be freely moved around, allowing to create a highly available infrastructure without a single point of failure.

Floating IPs and private networking
Simple but powerful API

Simple but powerful API: Automate everything!

Automate your infrastructure with our fully featured API, which allows you to create, configure and delete not just cloud servers but also all of our services: floating IPs, storage, firewalls and more!

All functionality available in the control panel is also available through the API. That means you can automate your entire cloud!

Group accounts and server tagging

Easily grant access to the rest of your team (or even clients) with granular permission control. To organize your entire infrastructure, add tags to your servers. In addition to having your servers organized by tags, you can also utilize tags to allow or limit certain groups access to your servers.

Group accounts and server tagging
N+1 redundancy with 100% uptime SLA

N+1 redundancy with 100% uptime SLA

With N+1 redundancy throughout our entire infrastructure, all single points of failure have been eliminated. If a component fails, another immediately takes its place. This means that you'll never lose any sleep (or money!) because of faulty hardware. We trust our redundancy so much, that we will give you a 100% SLA with 50x payback for any downtime of over 5 minutes.

All the features you need, batteries included

Deploy in 45 seconds

All cloud servers are deployed with our MaxIOPS technology, allowing you to create and boot up new servers in just 45 seconds.

Linux and Windows support

Use one of the freely available templates, create your own from a backup or upload and boot from your own custom ISO. Your choice!

Snapshots and scheduled backups

Instantly create or schedule periodic backups. Using true snapshots, backups are created in a blink of an eye and can be restored just as quickly.

Server cloning

Easily setup a staging environment by cloning one of your cloud servers or storage disks. Convert it into a template and automate your deployments.

Control panel, developed in-house

We've developed our control panel to give you full control over every aspect of your infrastructure and to give you a complete insight of your billing.

Simple but powerful API

Our powerful API lets you manage everything that can be controlled in the control panel. Get started in minutes with one of our open source libraries.

Faster-than-SSD with MaxIOPS

MaxIOPS is our proprietary storage technology, built on enterprise-grade SSDs but up to 2x faster compared to industry-standard cloud hosting.

Native IPv6 Support

All of our cloud servers can be deployed or have a IPv6 address added, completely free of charge. Future-proof your business today!

Private networking across the globe

All our data centers are interconnected, allowing you to create highly available, multi-geolocation applications without a single point of failure.

Latest Intel CPUs

With the latest Intel processors, you will always get high performance no matter the workload, both single- and multi-threaded.

InfiniBand networking

We utilize InfiniBand networking for maximum throughput and minimum latency. It is the most commonly used interconnect in supercomputers since 2014.

Ultrafast networking

All cloud servers are connected to the public Internet with a 500 Mbit/s network connection, and connected to a fully isolated, private network with a 1 Gbit/s network connection.

Two-factor authentication

Secure your cloud by enabling two-factor authentication, completely free of charge. Make sure only you have access to your data.

Group accounts and server tags

Give team members access to your infrastructure, in a secure manner with granular permissions. You can even organize and allow access based on tags you assign your servers.

Out-of-band HTML5 console

You always have access to your server, even if you accidentally configured your network wrong and locked yourself out. It happens to the best of us… :)


Secure your environment with our highly configurable firewall, allowing or blocking traffic before it even reaches your servers.

Customer data

You enter into a service agreement with a company registered in Finland and all your data is thus protected under Finnish and EU legislation.

Deploy and transfer your cloud servers between all our data centers

UpCloud currently offers its services from its 8 different availability zones in six different countries:

  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Singapore

All our data centers are interconnected, allowing you to create highly available, multi-geolocation applications without a single point of failure.