About us

UpCloud is a cloud hosting company offering an hourly billed infrastructure-as-a-service. Currently, the company provides services from data centers based in the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and Finland.

UpCloud's offering was introduced to the Finnish market in May 2012. The first version of the service was developed solely by the staff of Sigmatic Ltd. UpCloud was spun off as its own entity to continue running and developing the service. UpCloud opened international operations in early 2013 and has been focusing on growing internationally ever since.

UpCloud is passionate about offering the most high performance servers with extremely redundant infrastructure to the most demanding customers. We take great pride in our work and are extremely humble of all the trust we receive in the form of business from all over the world.

Press Kit

Our Press page contains material targeted for the members of the press. The material collected in this section is ready to be published as it is or with a scaled picture size. For any other changes to the material, you will require a permission from UpCloud Ltd.

Please contact us if you need more materials.