Press Release: UpCloud Solidifies #1 Performance Leader Spot Among Top Cloud Hosting Providers In Europe

  • March 18, 2016

In a large study of the top CSPs (cloud service providers) in Europe, Cloud Spectator solidified UpCloud’s position as the performance leader in the industry. “A startling 340% difference in performance found among the top European IaaS cloud providers”, Cloud Spectator declared in the recently conducted study “2016 Top 10 Cloud Vendor Benchmark”. The study included UpCloud together with 18 other industry leaders such as Amazon (AWS), Azure, Google and Rackspace.

The study reaffirms some of the misconceptions about the industry, such as “VM performance is pretty much the same from CSP to CSP” and “for performance, you get what you pay for.”

“We have long identified performance as an under valued attribute for cloud services and we are very happy to see our team’s focus and relentless efforts are being recognised”, said Antti Vilpponen, CEO of UpCloud

Top 10 European Cloud Service Providers

Source: Silicon Angle

UpCloud was crowned the performance leader in all categories and showed significant reliability across the board. The performance index score for vCPU and memory put UpCloud at the top with an index score of 100 and with only a 4% performance variability. In comparison, Google scored 59 with a performance variability of 3%.

In the block storage performance category, UpCloud also finished at the top. “UpCloud block storage sustained higher overall Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) than all of the other CSPs”, according to Silicon Angle in a recent article. This is many thanks to UpCloud’s in-house developed storage technology, MaxIOPS, which offers 100 000 IOPS per block storage device for all plans and instances.

“We decided fairly early on to start developing our own technology, to push the limits of what’s possible in the modern cloud computing era”, said Joel Pihlajamaa, CTO & Founder of UpCloud

In the same article by Silicon Angle, they wrote that Cloud Spectator concluded the need for performance testing as “the Top 10 ranked providers exhibited a difference of more than 3.5x in CPU & memory performance.”

UpCloud has long pushed for improved performance testing and conducted their own extensive cloud benchmark during Slush 2015, one of Europe’s largest technology conferences with over 15.000 attendees.

UpCloud currently provides services in data centers located in Chicago, Frankfurt, Helsinki and London but has an aggressive expansion strategy to open up additional data centers around the world. With an in-house developed platform and MaxIOPS, their proprietary storage technology, they offer unmatched performance and reliability at the same or lower price point as other industry leaders.

Download the full report here: Full report

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Company information

UpCloud Ltd is a European cloud hosting company offering the world’s fastest cloud servers on an hourly billed infrastructure-as-a-service for the most business critical customers, and used by organizations such as the Finnish Ministry of Justice and renowned growth companies such as Cabforce and LeadDesk. Currently, the company provides services from data centres based in the UK, USA, Germany and Finland.

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