UpCloud secures €4 million for growth

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have secured €4 million to accelerate our growth and to further improve the products and services that our customers enjoy already today. The investment round was lead by Inventure, a leading Nordic venture capital company. This is an exciting time for UpCloud. We want to extend our... View Article

Docker Swarm vs. Kubernetes: Comparison of the Two Giants in Container Orchestration

Containers have become popular thanks to their focus on consistency across platforms from development to production. The rise in interest to containers has in turn brought in higher demands for their deployment and management. The need for better control attracted a number of software options as solutions for container orchestration, which allows for abstraction of individual... View Article

How Kubernetes is changing the DevOps space

DevOps solve the most important business problem of our generation, how organizations make the transition from good to great. Gene Kim, Tripwire founder and a DevOps advocate Thanks to DevOps, high IT-performing businesses are more agile and reliable. With businesses dealing with growing and urgent needs along with stable IT services, DevOps are relied upon... View Article

The Rise of CoreOS

Server orientated operating systems call for efficiency and reliability, and while minimalistic options exist, most of the server variants of the popular Linux distributions still carry around features not everyone is going to want. Enter CoreOS — an open source specialised operating system that utilises Linux containers providing similar benefits to virtual machines, but with a... View Article

Press Release: UpCloud Solidifies #1 Performance Leader Spot Among Top Cloud Hosting Providers In Europe

In a large study of the top CSPs (cloud service providers) in Europe, Cloud Spectator solidified UpCloud’s position as the performance leader in the industry. “A startling 340% difference in performance found among the top European IaaS cloud providers”, Cloud Spectator declared in the recently conducted study “2016 Top 10 Cloud Vendor Benchmark”. The study... View Article

New Feature: Two-Factor Authentication

We are happy to announce that UpCloud customers can now enable two-factor authentication on their accounts. Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security through random passwords that are generated specifically for your username and are only valid for a limited time. This way if someone was to gain access to your username and password,... View Article