How we provide the best support for the fastest cloud

World’s fastest cloud servers has been our long-standing slogan, but we are also proud to provide our users with world-class support. How do we achieve this and what effects have we seen since we began offering an always-available support service? Read on as we introduce you to what goes on behind the scenes. Support for... View Article

Case Study: How Evermade cloudified their infrastructure

Case study with Evermade Evermade makes great websites from the first idea to final launch. We take a handcrafted approach to building websites, while still applying proven processes to ensure your project is delivered on time and budget. The end result is a beautiful, easy to use, and effective experience. About Evermade Evermade was founded... View Article

Case Study: How Fraktio attained rock-solid stability

Case study with Fraktio Fraktio puts people first. We build stunning web services and mobile applications. We help our customers from the first brainstorming session all the way to the product launch. With us, you will find vision, enthusiasm, design, and implementation. We are hardcore developers with soft values. About Fraktio We help our customers... View Article

Case Study: How Sitesbi raised their SLA way above industry norms

Case study with Sitesbi Sitesbi is a hybrid software-as-a-service provider and website agency from Poland. We help small companies build their web presence by providing websites, online shops, and custom e-commerce implementations. We are currently focused on veterinary clinics and are fully integrated with Klinika XP, the largest Polish vet clinic software provider with more than 80%... View Article

Case Study: How Barabra took control of their hosting solution

Case study with Barabra Barabra is a digital agency. We create and produce digital marketing solutions from ideas to results. We combine creative and business-oriented thinking with our solid technical skills. The result is an honest and productive partnership with our clients. We live and breathe digital, but think omnichannel. About Barabra What do you... View Article

Introducing the new $5/mo plan

You asked for it, and we listened! Today, we are launching a highly requested $5/mo plan for cloud servers. This is an especially attractive offer for our new users, who can experience our industry-leading performance with their own eyes for the cost of a cup of coffee! It also allows current users to run their... View Article

Templating custom cloud servers with UpCloud Packer builder

Templating your server configurations can be a huge time saver, but creating and managing server images manually can quickly become tedious. The way to avoid the pitfalls in many tasks is to get the right tools for the right job. One of the best options for templating is Packer the open-source, easy to use, automation solution for... View Article