UpCloud drops prices in London

  • March 6, 2014

We are delighted to let you know that we are lowering infrastructure costs in our London data centre, across the board. We are committed to offering our customers the best technology for the best price and these price changes are a big part of that. The new prices are valid as of today and are visible on our pricing page as well. There is no action required from your side to enjoy the new prices.

Below are the new prices in London and the reductions in comparison to our old prices.

Resource €/h €/30 days Reduction to previous prices
CPU 0,01 7,20 16,7%
Memory (1 GB) 0,005 3,60 68,75%
SSD (1 GB) 0,00028 0,20 44%
HDD (1 GB) 0,00007 0,05 37,5%

In addition, we have abolished IO-request pricing in Helsinki and London.

While these prices mostly concern our UK-LON1 data centre, we are also committed to price reductions in Finland during this year. There are multiple innovations behind the price reductions and due to the slightly newer infrastructure in London, we have been able to roll-out the new prices faster in London. Like said, FI-HEL1 will see price reductions this spring and later in the year.

Here are a couple of example configurations from UK-LON1 with the new prices:
1 CPU, 2GB of memory and 10GB of SSD: 18.56€ (30 days)
4 CPU, 8GB of memory and 50GB of SSD: 69.76€ (30 days)