Introducing SG-SIN1: Singapore Data Center

  • February 20, 2017

Today, we are bringing our developer-driven cloud computing to a new region: Singapore!

This will mark one of the several data centers we will be launching this year and it’s just the first sign of our accelerated international growth, enabled by our recent funding. (And we are already preparing the launch of another data center – stay tuned!)

SG-SIN1 will be using the same technology stack as our existing data centers, which we have continuously developed and improved over the years. This includes our world-leading storage technology MaxIOPS and guarantees you the same consistent, high performance no matter what region you deploy to. Fluctuating performance is often an issue with other providers but a thing of the past with UpCloud!

Singapore is available today for the same pricing as our existing data centers, with the exception of the Helsinki region. To start deploying your cloud servers in Singapore, just pick the data center as you normally would in the control panel. You can of course also deploy your cloud servers via the API using our Ansible playbook or Python API client, both available as open source on Github.

Singapore is only the first step…

We are in the final stages of opening up a new, regional office in Singapore to give this region our full and complete support. We are also hiring and looking to expand our teams with amazing new talent, so make sure to check out our open positions!

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new region and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts. But we are already planning to open up in several new regions! So if you have any suggestions or feedback on where to launch our next data center, make sure to tweet us at @UpCloud!