Clearer and simpler pricing, starting next month

  • February 1, 2017

In May 2015 we made a bit of an unusual move for a European company but a welcome change for our customers: we changed our base currency from Euro to US Dollar. We made this move as the US Dollar can be regarded as the de-facto currency when it comes to pricing of cloud infrastructure services.

Today we are announcing another change to using multiple currencies, that will bring us closer to the industry-standard and bring more transparency to our prices. From March 1st and onwards, all deposits will reflect the daily market rate of the respective currency in USD. As such, we are also changing the currency displayed in your control panel to always show your funds in USD.

You can still choose to add funds in all our supported currencies to your accounts. The only difference is that deposits will be converted to USD based on the market. Would you choose to use USD and it is not your native currency, your credit card issuer will take care of the exchange. This is how it normally works with other cloud infrastructure providers and we want to position ourselves closer to this.


  • We are continuing our goal of making our pricing more transparent by moving closer to the industry-standard and this is a continuation of the changes we made back in 2015.
  • The currency displayed in the control panel is being switched to USD for all customers starting March 1st.
  • You will continue to able to make deposits in multiple currencies, and they will be converted to USD based on the exchange rate of that day.
  • Your account balance is always stored in USD.
  • No changes to our prices have been made with this update.