Case Study: How Sitesbi raised their SLA way above industry norms

  • March 27, 2018
Case study with Sitesbi

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Sitesbi is a hybrid software-as-a-service provider and website agency from Poland. We help small companies build their web presence by providing websites, online shops, and custom e-commerce implementations. We are currently focused on veterinary clinics and are fully integrated with Klinika XP, the largest Polish vet clinic software provider with more than 80% market share.

About Sitesbi

What do you do?

Our main goal is to make our clients’ company website an important business tool for them. We have built our business model on cooperation with partners who are leaders in their own markets. Our partnered software developers create solutions for different types of business needs. Thanks to this integration our customers can seamlessly and securely connect their websites with their business-critical software.

How did you get to UpCloud?

We spent several months searching for a new cloud provider that would suit our needs. During this time we ran tests on many of the popular options such as DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr, but nothing compared to UpCloud.

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Previous challenges

What problems did you face with your previous setup?

We had constant problems with backups, nodes, and support with our previous Polish cloud provider. We felt that as a small customer, our concerns would never be their top priority.

After experiencing all kinds of issues with their OpenStack based services including backups, compute nodes, dedicated database nodes, and which all required a lot of manual labor, we decided to start looking for an alternative.

What requirements did you have when looking for a new solution?

Essentially, we wanted a top grade service level agreement and support, ease of use for managing the infrastructure, better server performance, and competitive pricing. Other useful features were always a bonus as well.

Hosting on UpCloud

What resources and services do you use?

We are currently primarily utilizing a handful of servers. The private network allows our servers to communicate securely and regular backups safeguard all data.

How are your services set up?

We have distributed our services on top of a few cloud servers which are load balanced with HAProxy. The main application runs on a dedicated node together with Memcached and is always backed up by a secondary app server. Development work is done on independent parallel hosts. All of the application nodes communicate with high-performance PostgreSQL database services.

This is a very simple setup but it works for us. Besides the services run on UpCloud, we’re also using the Cloudflare DNS for additional flexibility.

Sitesbi server topology


How do your services benefit from the new solution?

Thanks to your offerings, our SLA is almost as good as yours. Your backups are also, in our experience, the best in the market. It was love at the first sight.

What differences did you see compared to the previous setup?

We can focus on growing our business without having to worry about our servers. The server performance is just incredible, prices affordable, and your staff is amazing and competent.

Future plans

Plans to take advantage of additional resources on UpCloud?

We are looking to deploying more servers in multiple data centers for failover with load balancing and further improved redundancy with floating IP addresses.

Features you would like to see on UpCloud?

Multi-DC IP level load balancing with Anycast, dedicated PostgreSQL instances with replication, and cheap slower storage. Also, a data center in Poland would be great!

Learn more about load balancing with HAProxy in the guide below.

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