UpCloud crowned best European cloud provider, again!

Cloud Spectator is an industry leading infrastructure-as-a-service marketplace analyst. They perform highly detailed and in-depth comparisons to find the best European cloud provider on the market. This year’s report on the cloud space in Europe saw highly competitive offerings across the board. Yet, there can only be one winner, UpCloud! The study included 10 cloud... View Article

Information regarding Foreshadow, the Intel L1 Terminal Fault vulnerability

Intel recently shared information about a newly identified vulnerability in their processors. It concerns a speculative execution side-channel method that Intel calls L1 Terminal Fault or L1TF for short. The vulnerability was discovered by two independent groups of researchers who have titled it Foreshadow. L1TF aka Foreshadow The Foreshadow vulnerability (CVE-2018-3615) is an exploit on the speculative execution... View Article

For the open Internet, against the EU Copyright Directive Article 13!

A committee of MEPs recently voted in favour of the overreaching EU Copyright Directive’s Article 13 regardless of opposition from influential tech leaders and the general public. To fight copyright infringement, policymakers want to force Internet companies to scan literally everything users attempt to post on their platform. Many of our users as online companies could be... View Article

Case study: How Ruby Studio built trusted design on reliability

Case study with Ruby Studio Ruby Studio is a full-service web agency offering design, development, hosting, and support with an entrepreneurial mind and a strong aesthetic position. Our strategy favours long-term client relationships, and we have become the ideal partner to many online companies. About Ruby Studio Ever since the establishment of Ruby Studio in... View Article

How we provide the best support for the fastest cloud

World’s fastest cloud servers has been our long-standing slogan, but we are also proud to provide our users with world-class support. How do we achieve this and what effects have we seen since we began offering an always-available support service? Read on as we introduce you to what goes on behind the scenes. Support for... View Article