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Beyond SSD Performance

Our MaxIOPS storage system is several times faster than a standard enterprise SSD storage, offering speeds of up to 100 000 IOPS.

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Hey @upcloud, #maxiops blew our socks off! Heavy loadtests showed a single db instance outperforming a 3 x Galera-cluster (SSD) by 100-300%!

@ilmarioranen, Helsinki

100% SLA

We offer a 100% SLA with 50x compensation for lost service use. We put a lot of trust in our system’s redundancy.

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Our dev team can sleep a little easier knowing all the necessary player information is stored safe and secure in @upcloud ’s servers.

@DigitalHammerOy, Helsinki

Prices from $10/month

Our instance pricing is on par with the industry price leaders and we also offer custom instances at a very competitive rate.

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BTW, I still flipping love @upcloud for spinning up servers! It's super-cheap to try stuff out, throw it away if I don't like it.

@cariadeccleston, UK

Respecting Your Privacy

We protect our customer agreements under the Finnish and EU legislation. Your hosted data is protected under the legislation of the country of the data centre you choose to go with.

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