UpCloud launches MaxIOPS storage backend
and a new datacenter in Chicago.

World’s fastest storage backend available at 0.20 € per GB a month.
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MaxIOPS storages deliver up to 100 000 IOPS.

It’s the world’s fastest disk you can attach to a VM. Only 0.20€ per GB a month. Unbeatable.

Beyond SSD Performance

While SSDs have greatly improved the storage performance of virtualised environments, we’ve gone a few steps further with our proprietary storage backend offering speeds of up to 1500MB/s or 100 000 IOPS.

Hey @upcloud, #maxiops blew our socks off! Heavy loadtests showed a single db instance outperforming a 3 x Galera-cluster (SSD) by 100-300%!

@ilmarioranen, Helsinki


We have built our offering from the ground up, enabling us to avoid using expensive management software. We’re able to pass this saving to you in the form of very competitive pricing.


We offer you a 100% SLA out of the box. If we fail to deliver, we compensate 50x the lost service use. We put a lot of trust in our system’s redundancy to show how dedicated we are to the highest uptime in the industry.

Respecting Your Privacy

We protect our customer agreements under the Finnish and EU legislation. Your hosted data is protected under the legislation of the country of the data centre you choose to go with.

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